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October 30, 2008    

Halloween Parties


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Amy Culver

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Halloween Parties

Hey all you Ghosts and Goblins -

Just a quick note to check in before the official kick off of the 2008 Holiday Season.  So, how are you doing? 

Have you at least made some mental notes on what you want to accomplish this year?

• Weight Maintenance?
• Weight Loss?
• Small Weight Gain?

Many folks will be tempted at parties this weekend.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

• Have a “Sand-Witch” before you go - lean meat and veggies on whole wheat bread will keep you very full for a long time.

• Plan ahead regarding what you do or don't want to be “Goblin” on - if possible tell your plan to a spouse or buddy that is willing to help you be accountable.

• Watch out for the “Brew” - alcohol lowers inhibition and resistance to temptation.  It also decreases your sensitivity to leptin – that's the stuff that signals to your brain you are full.

• Dance like a “Banshee” and don't just sit there like a “Blob” - stay on your feet, and move, move, move.

Most importantly, though, have fun.  Enjoy your friends and family and focus on good company, rather than good food.

See you next week.


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