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November 14, 2008    

Zero hour

Great salad tip

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Zero hour

Just another quick Holiday Helper message...

We are now fairly well launched into the holiday season.  With the current economic climate, the stores are definitely pushing the goodies as soon as possible.

Here's something to keep consistently rolling around in your mind: 

      500 Calories per day  =  1 pound per week

What does this mean?  Well, if you are currently maintaining your weight, and you eat an extra 500 calories every day, you will gain 1 pound every week.  If you are currently losing, you will slow that loss by 1 pound every week.  The key is:  this time of year, you can consume 500 calories in the blink of an eye!

Some common examples we are tempted with:

• Homemade Truffles:  210 calories each
• Two pieces of See's Candy:  160 calories
• Frosted Soft Sugar Cookies :  180 calories each
• 2 oz Mixed Nuts:  340 calories
• One Frosted Cupcake:  459 calories
• Those tasty seasonal flavored coffees:  600-700 cals.

Of course this is only a partial list and you are going to be tempted many times when you just can't look up the nutritional data.  I have a pretty accurate rule of thumb for calculating calories on treats: 

       Go high and then double it.

When I later look up the calories, I rarely find I have over-calculated.  

If you can keep that "500 calories = 1 pound" equation in your head, like a budget you need to stick to, you just might find the strength you need to say no, if not every time, at least more often than usual.  And in about 2 months when you are looking at your final net gain (or loss) for the holidays, you'll be so glad you did.


Regarding one of my recent articles on salads, Suzie from Tempe, AZ sent me this tip: 

“I've always enjoyed a warm chicken salad in restaurants so I decided to try them at home…  I get grilled chicken strips, warm them in a little PAM and put them on top of a huge green salad with tons of veggies. My husband and I are always full.”

Thanks for the tip Suzie! 

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