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December 15, 2008    

Homemade Goodies


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Amy Culver

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Merry Christmas!

Just another quick Holiday Helper message...

Homemade goodies are one of the best things this time of the year.

Remember my motto:  “Enjoy Responsibly”.

If you like to bake things yourself for gifts, follow these suggestions:

Make a list of all of the people that you will be giving your treats to and make an appropriate amount.  Don't plan to have a lot leftover at home.  You can have a taste or two, but remember, it's your recipe.  You can make it any time of the year if you really want it.

Do your baking as close as possible to the time that you will be giving it away.  This will limit the amount of time that the temptations are around.

Package up your gifts as quickly as possible after making them.  You'll be much less likely to sneak a treat.

Remember, you'll have plenty of “incoming” treats from friends and family.  These are the unique items that you get to taste only once a year.  Save your calories for them.  Have one or two a day and remember to cut back somewhere else a bit to make up for them.

And for goodness sake, don't waste calories on store bought sweets!  There are so many better choices.  As always, pick from the best and savor the flavor.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


For those of you in the Phoenix area, I'm excited to announce that my Republic column is moving to Saturdays.  Look for it this Saturday!

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