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December 26, 2008    

After Christmas

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Amy Culver

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After Christmas

Just another quick Holiday Helper message...

Well, here we are.  The giant dinners have been cooked and eaten.  The gifts have been shopped for, wrapped and opened.


Are you as exhausted as I am?????

This is the week where I have a tendency to spend a lot of time just sitting on my you know what.  I need recovery time.  For the last month, I have been going, going, going, like the Energizer Bunny.  I know that a lot of folks can say the same.

Possibly, you have found that your scale has even been behaving a bit?  You've been on your feet for days and days, cooking, cleaning, shopping and wrapping.  That burns a lot of calories.

So please, be careful over the next couple of weeks.  It's so easy right now to look for comfort in food during the post holiday "funk."  You may be feeling very tired and not at all like cooking dinners.  That's okay.  Just be sure to make some better choices if you are going to eat out.  Get low-fat sub sandwiches or maybe take a trip to a salad bar restaurant.  Perhaps you have really just had enough of all the sweets and treats by now and are actually "craving" a bit of healthy food?  A nice salad topped with grilled chicken breast and a bit of light dressing might really hit the spot at the moment.

Weather permitting, get out and take a walk.  A nice stroll with some fresh air can really revive and re-energize you.

Do you still have a New Year's Eve party on the horizon?  Don't forget about the tendency of alcohol to make you feel hungry.  Remember, alcohol inhibits leptin, which is the chemical that tells your brain that you are full.  You might want to consider being the designated driver this year.  Or, if not, ask a trusted friend to help you to be accountable.

Enjoy your time with family and friends.  Be safe and I'll see you next year!


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