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November 24, 2009    

Don't get too busy to exercise

Thanksgiving tips

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Amy Culver

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Don't get too busy to exercise

One time when I was at the Dentist, I was discussing exercise with the hygienist (are you surprised?).  She mentioned that she used to get regular exercise, but didn't any more because she's just too busy.  Of course I told her that that was no excuse, but I also told her it was no different than someone telling her that they are too busy to floss!  I think that one hit home.

Soon (if not already), we'll all be cramming tons more into our already completely full schedules and too often the first thing to get cut is regular exercise. 

Please... don't!

It's stressful, I know.  I get stressed too.  But you have to have some release.  Of course I'm not naïve enough to think that if you don't already work out regularly that you'll get started now (although there's no reason not to!).  Please, if you have established a regular routine, one of the worst things you can do is eliminate it from your schedule.

Your workout is going to ease your stress, both mentally and physically.  It will give you more energy to fight the crowds, stay up late wrapping gifts and get the house cleaned up for upcoming parties.

This time of year can be depressing.  Yes, we're happy in expectation of celebrations, but there is just so much to do and so much pressure to create "that perfect holiday" that it can really do you in.  Personally, I struggle with it every year.  And what do we do when we are depressed and/or stressed?  We EAT!!!  And oh how easy it is to eat right now.  Remember, "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwards.  If you are used to a workout routine, and you stop, you will be so much more likely to cave in to those temptations all around.  And you know, when I say cave, I mean CAVE.  Not a taste, not a little indulgence, the kind where you wake up really sorry the next morning.

And speaking of being sorry in the morning, regular exercise and the good hydration that typically accompanies it helps significantly in getting over hangovers.

Of course you are going to indulge some.  Please don't deprive yourself.  I don't.  And when you do decide to indulge, it won't have the same impact on you or the scale if you've stuck to your regular routine. 

January is just around the corner.  With it typically comes colder weather, and post-holiday doldrums.  Why add trudging back to an overcrowded gym after a long absence to the list?  The gyms are so nice and empty right now – take advantage!

Enlist help from the family; skip the fancy bows; use bags instead of paper; skip a party or two, but please, please, don't skip your workout. 

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