Amy Culver - The Queen Of Lean

As much as possible, I try to stick to restaurants with published nutritional info.  This eliminates the guessing and estimating (which usually ends up being “under estimating”) and has truly been a big part of my success.  Although I rarely patronize them, I have included links to some fast food restaurants.  I realize these are a part of life.  Some of them allow you to customize your meal (leave off the mayo, for example).  Take a moment, please, look up some of your favorites.  Get educated on what you are putting into your body and see what changes you might be able to make and still have a satisfying meal that won’t bust your caloric budget.  When I go to one of these places, I print out the nutritional info and take it with me. 

Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation - - Be sure to bring your measuring cups – you can get a huge and satisfying meal here, just watch it on the dressing.

Souper Salad - - See note above.

Applebees - - This link highlights the menu items they offer that are 550 calories or less.

On The Border -
Macaroni Grill -
Both of the above offer detailed nutritional information in a PDF format that you can download, print and take with you.  Don't forget, you can cut the calories in half by either splitting a meal, or taking half home.

Burger King - - I like this site because it’s very interactive and you can build a meal “your way” which allows a lot of flexibility – leave off the mayo or even the bun and you can get some decent nutrition here.  And if you’ve decided to treat yourself, you can at least be informed before you do.

McDonald’s - - Yes, McDonalds – the thing is, since they’ve had so much negative press over the years, they seem to be really trying hard to include some truly healthy choices.  If you’ve been avoiding them for other fast food choices you may find they are worth another look.

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt - - You won’t believe it’s fat free – but it is!  This is the best thing to happen to dessert since whipped cream!